EFT, NLP & Time Line Therapy Therapeutic & Legal Disclaimer

Our Lawyers have insisted that we provide you with this information and so we ask that you please read this page in it’s entirety.

You will read extraordinary claims on this website regarding EFT’s abilities, especially when used in conjunction with NLP and/or Timeline Therapy. These claims include:

Freedom from even the most intense of emotional issues within minutes or hours instead of months or years.
Relieving pain and disease where medicine and other techniques have failed.
Dramatically improving performance in any field of endeavour including business.

We do not claim that the results described in the many testimonials and other success stories included on this website are typical of what people we help with EFT, NLP and Timeline Therapy achieve, and we do not represent that you will achieve the same or similar success.

The successes reported by people range from clear improvement of the issue(s) to the complete cessation of all symptoms. The permanence of the successes vary widely and cannot be predicted in advance. In some cases, the symptoms re-appear right away and thus require more EFT or other interventions. In other cases, the symptoms vanish and never re-appear.

The views concerning EFT, NLP and Timeline Therapy expressed on this website have not been endorsed by any government agency or scientific institution. Indeed, the non-conventional nature of EFT tends raise the hackles of such bureaucracies. While a growing number of medical professionals are begining to use these processes it may take some time before they are accepted by the medical establishment. If you are looking for something that meets government standards or has the seal of approval of the medical establishment, you came to the wrong place.

We do not claim that EFT, NLP or Timeline Therapy is a substitute for drugs, surgeries, radiation or other conventional medical interventions, and we encourage you to get regular medical exams and talk to your doctor or other health professional about what treatment is best for you. We also always recommend that you always use EFT, NLP and Time Line Therapy, or any other healing or personal development tool with common sense.

The publications and DVDs offered on this website are intended to provide information and education about EFT, NLP and or Timeline Therapy. They are not to be considered guarantees or assurances of any kind. Please know that everything you read about EFT, NLP or Timeline Therapy on this website represents the opinions of The Australian Institute of Self Development or the authors of the case histories and other written or recorded materials included on the site.