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Here’s what others are saying……

“After a long period of unemployment Russell has helped me clear the way for the role I desired using a range of my skills and also in the location I love to work at; close to water & close to home.

I am on a contract and I did not even have to negotiate a fabulous daily rate.  After I cleared my childhood issues I received a call regarding my ideal role the following day.  That’s how quick it all works!  I would have never believed it and am now working on meeting my ideal life partner.  Hooray!! Thanks Russell! G. P

Note. G.P. Contacted us recently and has been enjoying a wonderful relationship since late last year.


“I recently spoke with Russell about my decision not to go diving with my husband to see the whale sharks at Nigaloo Reef in Western Australia.  When Russell asked me why not, I shared that it was really about the depth of the water and the lack of trust I had in my own lungs to keep me safe.

We  discussed some associated fears e.g. my fear of public speaking and how hard I had worked at overcoming this in the past.  After the session spent with Russell exploring this fear, I didn’t think about it a great deal. Subsequently as I stayed on the 17th Floor of a hotel, I realised my usual anxiety re the height of the building and which I had not shared with Russell, did not present itself.  I sat and ate my breakfast on the tiniest of balconies overlooking the vast view, even looking directly down to the ground below without any of the usual sensations re my fear of falling.

Later that day, I also took to the stage and calmly made a small but significant presentation to a group of 60 people without one moment of fear.

Travelling back to Adelaide on a flight a few days later I scored a window seat – not  by choice.  I usually avoid window seats because I don’t want to acknowledge how high up I am when flying.  I sat for the full journey looking out of the window.  I enjoyed every moment of the view, the cloud forms and the ever changing evening sunlight.  In future, my husband has competition because I will happily opt for the window seat as my first preference when flying, just so that I can see more of the amazing world I have missed out on in the past.  Thank you Russell.  I have a completely new life perspective without these fears.”

Jane Watson, Adelaide, South Australia.