DescriptionHere is your opportunity to refine your skills and become the ultimate coach or therapist! A powerful, practical training based on the AAMET approved EFT Level 3 workshop and including the latest developments in EFT PLUS Alpha Repatterning

Enjoy advancing your EFT & Energy Psychology skills to the professional level in this powerful, practical, information packed, experiential workshop. Content will include:


EFT Level 3 Workshop & Alpha Repatterning

*Alpha Repatterning

*Clear Your Money Issues

*The Magic of Rapport

*Real Language

*Fine tuning your intuition

*Combining EFT with Timeline


*Preframing & Reframing

*Building a successful EFT /

Alpha Repatterning Business

*The Secret (Law of Attraction)

*Working with Trauma

*Using EFT over the Phone

*Working with Physical Symptoms


*Tracking Root Causes

*Surrogate & Distant Healing

*Birth and pre birth issues

*The importance of Humour

*Exaggeration and Provocative techniques

*”Difficult” client cases and much, much more!

*100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


Ideal for counsellors, psychotherapists, healthcare workers, complementary therapists and those who intend to expand their EFT knowledge to build a successful EFT / Alpha Repatterning business.