Discover How To Create Easy, Loving, Harmonious Relationships.

Normally priced at $125, we are offering this life changing introductory experience to you completely free of charge.

When?         6.50 pm Wednesday 29th September 2021

Duration?   1.5 hours to 8.30pm

Where?        Online via zoom – zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration

The Joy of Love with healthy relationships

We’ve all been there…. We meet someone new wonderful exciting and feel that amazing attraction, but before long the same old patterns and dramas come up. One client said to me “Russell I’m just a sh_t magnet! I friend zone these lovely guys who are a bit boring, then I fall for some loser who tries to ruin my life!

In this playshop you will discover why you have been attracting the wrong people and how to attract YOUR ideal partner.

Now you too can enjoy and discover the easy way to resolve the blocks to loving relationships and attract someone who is right for you.
Enjoy Peaceful, Loving, Passionate Relationships.

Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & NLP to easily release the emotional patterns that cause or attract relationship problems. The solution is easier than you think.
So don’t put your love and happiness on hold

Make 2021 your best year ever…

You’ll discover the hidden causes of relationship issues and how to resolve patterns that attract the wrong people and push away the right people.



Intimacy problems healed after 58 years!

“I have spent many hours of counselling and quite a sum of money over the last 20 years. I was molested as a child and blamed myself because I allowed it to happen. My first marriage broke up and I felt my second was heading that way also. I felt a failure because of this problem I had. Since applying EFT I feel a different person, I have finally found the solution at the age of 72 years. I feel free at last. Thank you Verena and Russell, God bless you both”.
Liz. Bourke, Taylors Lakes

Parent and Child Relationships

“He had big tantrums and anger outbursts which I found so difficult to manage. I was upset by the intensity of his outbursts but mainly my own reactive upset and angry responses to them as my buttons got pushed. It was a vicious and distressing cycle”…. “there has been what I would call a miraculous transformation in the way we are together since the last session with you. It is like some invisible barrier has been removed” … “After the session, our relationship just got easier. He seemed like a different child, and I seemed like a different mother”…

“The daily struggle is mostly gone and in place of upset we have lots more laughter and harmony in our home. I thank you Russell for your skill, intuition and guidance that has helped me achieve this breakthrough”…. Andree