Practical EFT gives you the understanding and skill to apply EFT to the most common day to day issues.

Alpha RePatterning is a heart based process that harnesses the awesome power of your unconscious mind to safely and easily identify the core issues that are your unconscious blocks to success and thoroughly resolve them with EFT, whether those issues occurred before during or after birth.
Alpha RePatterning not only resolves core issues that may otherwise be inaccessible, you also create and release your compelling new future in alignment with your highest values leaving you in a peak state of love, acceptance, power and possibility. With the past resolved and your future clear you can enjoy being, living and creating in your present…. Right now. Your Alpha RePatterning Workshop includes;
• Learning more about yourself
• How to induce the Alpha State
• The easy way to access hidden core issues
• 3 new additional tapping points, and when to use them
• Position shifting
• When and how to ecologically change personal history
• Compassionate healing forgiveness
• Applying the Love Expansion Feedback Loop
• When and how to cleanly future pace
• The “Loving Child” process
• Certificate of attendance
• AAMET certified EFT practitioners who submit 3 satisfactory Alpha RePatterning case studies will receive an Alpha RePatterning Practitioner Certificate

Alpha RePatterning was developed by Russell Cunningham at The Australian Institute Of Self Development over 15 years and more than 18,700 client hours combining NLP, EFT, Heart Radiance, Time Line Therapy,® Resonant tuning and Regression Progression Hypnotherapy.