29 June 9.45 – 11.45 am, ONLY $12!

56 Jumping Creek Rd Wonga Park, VIC 3115 · Melbourne

Are you sick and tired of diets, pills and programs that promise everything but at best give temporary results? Have you ever dropped 5 or 10 kilos just to put it back on again with interest? Most diets work at some level but fail in the long run.

What if there was an easy way to achieve and maintain your ideal weight? NO PILLS. NO POTIONS. NO EXPENSIVE MEAL PACKAGES, just rapid lasting results.

In 2017-18, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey showed that two thirds (67.0%) of Australian adults were overweight or obese (12.5 million people), an increase from 63.4% in 2014-15.

Most people are aware that eating fresh unprocessed food and regular exercise will allow them to safely reach and maintain their ideal weight.
What is usually overlooked is what causes us to eat poor quality processed foods that are full of sugar, starch, denatured fats, additives etc….. our habits, conditioning, beliefs and emotions.
So often clients come to us for life coaching, assistance with their relationships, study or career and find that when the limiting beliefs, emotions and programs are resolved any excess weight seems to just naturally melt away.
Here’s a typical response from one of my international clients. I called Brenda 7 months after assisting her to clear some relationship issues. She mentioned feeling calmer and more relaxed then said “They can’t call me Burly Brenda any more, I’ve dropped a kilo every month since our time together, I haven’t been on any diet, I’m not aware that I’ve been eating
differently at all.”
Another client recently mentioned that she’s scared of loosing weight again because she’ll just put it all back on. She had often dieted and lost weight only to bounce back to an even heavier weight over the next few months or so. The fact is that anxiety is one of the most common causes of food craving and weight gain.
(Sometimes self criticism or self hatred may be involved as well) Some people are not consciously aware of the emotional causes or are too anxious to get effective assistance.

When you think and feel like a trim, fit, healthy person you will enjoy having a trim healthy body the easy way. Join us on this event to discover how.