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Sally initially came to us with abusive relationship issues. When she arrived she was nursing her arm and shoulder obviously in significant pain. I asked her about this pain. She responded that she had a job as a legal secretary that involved carrying heavy books & files and she believed that this was the primary cause of the problem with her arm and shoulder.

This shoulder pain was so excruciating it had kept her from this work for 2 years and it had not responded to physiotherapy, anti inflammatory drugs, pain killers, or a number of other therapies.

At the time she came to see us Sally was due to have surgery to “burn out the nerves to her shoulder” to alleviate the pain. At rest she described the pain as 7/10 and attempting to raise the arm to shoulder level brought the pain up to 10/10. She was unable to lift her arm above shoulder level.

Sally Richards. Melbourne

The Treatment

I asked Sally for her permission to focus on her shoulder problem before addressing the abusive relationship, as I suspected that it may be connected with the relationship issues and it would be easier to clear other issues if she was pain free.

We started tapping on even though I have “this shoulder pain”, “this ache in my shoulder”, “pain when I try to lift my arm” etc. after each round I would ask to describe the remaining pain and use her words.

Pain intensity levels were dropping slowly and from the history of non response to other therapies I suspected a lot of PR. We mainly used the basic recipe plus the top of the head, with some short cuts and extra focus on KC, Sore spot, CB & Gamut. (If you attend our introductory seminar on EFT you will understand this terminology.)

I told Sally that I would guess some of the root causes, and told her to just keep tapping and saying what I said, trusting that if I’m not spot on her unconscious mind will adjust it to whatever is required.
We continued tapping on “This is a physical problem and part of me can’t believe that tapping will fix it.”, “I don’t deserve to get better”, “I need this shoulder problem to get me out of the job I hate,” “I will loose my compensation payout if my shoulder gets better”……

Sally’s physiology was looking more relaxed with fewer creases on her forehead. I wasn’t stopping to get intensity levels on these, it seemed there were so many aspects we tapped pretty solidly for at least 20 minutes on these and similar issues……

Sally’s mum had been chronically ill and was looked after by Sally’s older sister. Sally was distraught when her sister left home and married Even though “I need this problem to get sympathy” “I need this pain to get love” “I need this pain to get attention”

At one point the pain shifted to her elbow in 2 rounds it went from 4/10 to 0.

“Even though I need this shoulder pain to avoid Geoff;” (her abusive partner who ran a brothel) she was looking much more relaxed, but the shoulder pain seemed to be stuck at about 2.5/10.

At this point I started being provocative, exaggerating suspected issues to bring up any remaining emotion. Because we had applied EFT to the surrounding issues it was easy and painless for Sally to resolve what would previously have been very confronting.
After a total of 20 – 30 minutes Sally was able to raise her arm directly over her head for the first time in 2 years. There was no pain, just a minor discomfort she described as less than 1/10. Sally cancelled her surgery, her shoulder continued pain free. We had several more sessions over the next few weeks using EFT and NLP on child hood, mum, dad, relationship issues and self esteem.

Temporary Relapse

I was surprised a few months later when Sally phoned saying that some of the shoulder pain had returned (4/10) and there were “physical lumps” in her shoulder, so we made another appointment for further treatment. After tapping for the pain, physical lumps and further relationship issues, not only did the pain go but the “physical lumps” disappeared.

Final Result

That was twelve months ago now. I phoned Sally recently. She has moved out of the abusive relationship and started a new career in real estate. Her shoulder and elbow remain pain free.

Sally isn’t a woman of many words, but she was very grateful for her healing and gave me the following testimonial and the permission to share her story as a Case Study:

“I came to see Russell about abusive relationship issues. Imagine my surprise when the shoulder pain that had kept me out of work for 2 years was gone within 30 minutes. I cancelled the surgery and haven’t looked back”.