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Get The Healing, Clarity, And Peace You Are Seeking, Plus The Inspiration And Confidence To Perform At Your Peak In Any Area Of Life, Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Alpha RePatterning.

And Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. See What The Experts Are Saying… The emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is a universal healing and self-development tool Stamford Engineer Gary Craig developed based on impressive discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies. EFT has proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. Click this link to learn about your Free EFT Workshop or see video proof. Or call an EFT psychologist in Melbourne at 3 9722 2678 to speak with an EFT Practitioner or EFT Trainer in Melbourne.


EFT Tapping Melbourne

We have had approximately 8 2-hour sessions together to date. I cannot believe (well, actually, I can!) the difference Russell (EFT Trainer and Practitioners has made to my life; in brief:
  • I no longer have nightmares about seeing my close friend dead; no emotion is attached to the images.
  • My health and vitality are boundless. (I leap out of bed at 4.30 am every morning to start my day with a workout!)
  • My relationships with my wife and children are much better than before, and they were good before!
  • My relationship with my parents, especially my father, is a great deal better
  • My dealings with people on a day-to-day basis are magnificent
  • My outlook on life has shifted dramatically
  • I have started a business in something I am passionate about.
  • In three weeks, I made more money than I did in the past six months.
  • My future is bright, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be me right now!

What Is EFT, and How Does It Work?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), often known as tapping or psychological acupressure, is an alternative treatment method for healing pain and emotional distress. It involves using the fingertips to stimulate energy points on the body. Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, explains that this technique is based on the concept that all negative emotions stem from disruptions in the body’s energy system. EFT rapidly resolves to limiting beliefs and emotions that block healing or, in life, issues like romance and career development, stopping advancement or success. Overlooked aspects of your humanity can cause depression, anxiety, stress, ineffectiveness and even physical illness, for example, out-of-balance energy meridians or disempowering attitudes, beliefs and values. These unconscious limiting beliefs and emotions usually exist without you knowing about them. And yet they are as natural for you as the sunshine, as fundamental to your life as the air you breathe. They are like a pair of sunglasses you wear and view the world without knowing it.

Is EFT Training Effective?

The effectiveness of EFT is debated. Some studies and testimonials support its benefits for anxiety and stress, while skeptics point to a lack of rigorous large-scale research and potential placebo effects.

EFT Tapping Therapy Testimonial

Mick Taylor, Business Owner

While EFT was initially developed for resolving emotional issues, it applies to just about every health and performance issue you can name. It often works where nothing else will. EFT enables you to tap into your peak potential. We offer you the chance to experience EFT for yourself for a limited time for free. My first session with Russell ( EFT Trainer and Practitioner) was in an unlikely place, and I noticed small emotional shifts. I had further sessions and had excellent results with my blood pressure which was dangerously high and required medication. I halved the medication within a short time and have now been medication free since January, and now my blood pressure is consistently low even when I am feeling stressed. I love Russell’s intuitive and adaptive methods and thoroughly recommend him.

Auror Du Toit

Many of our clients have achieved remarkable results with emotional and physical concerns that, quite frankly, stun clients who have experienced mainstream medicine and psychotherapy. It’s the speed and the ease of the transformations and healing that make our EFT therapy so remarkable. Today I gained freedom that has been buried under a great deal of suppressed anguish for so long. Great day. The presentation is easy and informative.

Josephine Rooney

At The Australian Institute of Self Development, we use EFT combined with NLP and Alpha Repatterning combination. With your personal EFT Practitioner, these powerful success tools get phenomenal results (Call 03 97 222 678 for details). The results of resolving emotional issues include:
Call EFT psychologist Melbourne today, and let’s talk about whatever area of your life it is that you would like to transform using EFT +61 (0) 397 222 678

Sally Richards, Melbourne

I came to see Russell (EFT Trainer and Practitioner) about abusive relationship issues. Imagine my surprise when the shoulder pain that had kept me out of work for 2 years was gone within 30 minutes. I cancelled the surgery I had booked and haven’t looked back.

Katherine Parkinson, Business Owner, Melbourne

After years of traditional eft counselling to help cope with the trauma of sexual abuse as a child, … I went in search of something that would bring peace into my life. EFT has done that for me. The emotional blockages associated with sexual abuse have gone! I have discovered a sense of self and now have peace and joy.

George Watts, Cancer Patient, Melbourne

Since our session 3 days ago, I’ve stopped taking morphine and have been entirely pain-free… I’ve had the best night’s sleep for as long as I can remember.

Maureen Bevilacqua, Clinical Social Worker

We are offering you the chance to experience EFT for yourself for a limited time for free. Maybe you want to: Get rid of that pain in your….. Improve your Relationships; Increase your Income. Eliminate Stress, Ease or eliminate chronic health problems, Lose Weight, and get fit. Find your Inner Peace. Attract your ideal partner, occupation or home. Increase your Health and Energy, Eliminate Self Sabotage, frustration or Anxiety, and Achieve your other Specific Goals. I understood the root causes that have impacted my whole life and caused physical health problems and other social issues. The most worthwhile spent on my self-development. Fantastic 3 days. Thank you so much
Please note that while we are excited and blessed to be able to teach, share and apply these therapies, nothing in our website should be considered a medical claim or advice. We recommend that you seek medical advice where appropriate. Please read our EFT Therapy, NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Alpha Repatterning Info, and Disclaimer Document for more information.

Thank you, I’ve got to a place I never thought I could reach – great peace and insight around life-long trauma. I’m indebted to you & feel great respect and gratitude.

These imbalances manifest emotionally and mentally as ‘unexamined assumptions. They frame your worldview, yet you are largely unaware that you don’t think a single thought they don’t in some way influence. They create the boundary of what is and is not possible for you in the areas of life they relate to.

“A fantastic coach/practitioner, able to move deep-seated pressed issues within minutes. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to move out of traumas and big emotional blocks.”
Marilyn Cali

By helping you remove the glasses, we help you re-balance your being, your ‘sight’ is restored, and your entire worldview looks, feels and, YES, even manifests differently.

Just like a farmer cannot grow plants in soil that is barren or covered in weeds, you cannot perform at your peak, create the life of your dreams, attract the perfect partner, experience abundance or whatever it is that you are seeking in life; until you clear your unconscious mind of the ‘poisonous’ attitudes and beliefs that currently block you from achieving whatever it is you want in life. Like the farmer, EFT treatment is replacing weedy soil or a sandy desert with the fertile soil of a tropical rainforest.

The effect of EFT is often miraculous, seemingly impossible things can and do happen, and sometimes they happen very fast! If you knew the number of clients we had had that had landed their dream job, found their ideal partner, or achieved something that before had seemed impossible to them, you would be amazed. We regularly see physical pain disappear in minutes!

I came not wanting to “lose” chocolate, but I am happy to be less important now. In less than 5 minutes, I have significantly improved the movement of my neck. Years of chiropractic myotherapy have not achieved these kinds of results.
Kerryn Newbegin

Powerful positive changes happen when you feel positive, inspired, motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic, and better results naturally start showing up. If you plant seeds in infertile soil, no matter how much you tend and water them, they don’t grow. Put these same seeds in good soil, and they grow quickly and effortlessly.

Don’t spend years in old-style therapy; spare yourself the time, energy and expense. Experience profound changes and improvements in all areas of your life in just a few sessions.

After a long period of unemployment, Russell (EFT Trainer and Practitioner) has helped me clear the way for the role I desired using a range of my skills and the location I love to work at; close to water & close to home.

I am on a contract and did not even have to negotiate an excellent daily rate.  After I cleared my childhood issues, I received a call regarding my ideal role the following day.  That’s how quickly it all works!  I would have never believed it, and I am now working on meeting my ideal life partner.  Hooray! Thanks, Russell!

Gabriella Paoli, Systems Analysis

Clear your past, enjoy the present and create the future of your dreams now. In minutes you’ll be tapping into your tremendous potential. Call today, and let’s chat about whatever area of your life you want to transform using EFT. +61 (0) 397 222 678 See how EFT resolves most phobias in this video in one session. EFT resolved war trauma problems when nothing else worked. See the video below. So what do doctors say about EFT? While some doctors know little or nothing about the effectiveness of EFT, a growing number are open-minded enough to try it. For those who do, EFT often becomes their primary treatment because it is safe and effective. Check out this video interview with Dr Rutten. Contact Us For EFT Counselling Melbourne.