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Here are some testimonials from our clients:

EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneSarah G
Frankston VIC
Before meeting Russell I had low self esteem which l coped with by drinking... I also had problems making decisions and being assertive and blushed when speaking to people and felt inferior. I did not have a good relationship with my son and also felt responsible for my ex husbands lonely life....I really enjoyed my sessions with Russell and found the treatment very effective and profoundly interesting. Since seeing Russell I have cut down on my drinking and I am much more assertive and happier in myself. EFT and Time Line Therapy have given me the tools to cope with life's problems....I now have for the first time in 32 years a "normal" mother son relationship with my son which means the world to me. Thank you Russell.
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneDavid Millany

All of my life I'd struggled with money, there was never enough, it’s frustrated me to no end. In just one session with Russell we uncovered and dealt with a childhood issue that I had completely forgotten about, ...Russell explained that he would lead me through an EFT process to ‘clear it’ and finally an NLP visioning process to create a new future. The entire process was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, it was like being plugged into 240 volts of pure energy and enthusiasm. When I got home I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up all night and created new plans for the entire year. That one session has completely changed the course of my life, I now have three exciting businesses I’m involved in and I truly see that my success is inevitable... life has never felt better.
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneConorSantry
Personal Trainer
I'd just like to say thanks to Russell and co. for an extraordinary experience at the EFT Experience Playshop. It was a huge eye opener for me as to the power of EFT. Russell proved to be an excellent practitioner as he effectively helped both myself and several others in attendance to eliminate physical and emotional pain in a matter of minutes. Thank you Russell for a life changing experience
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneSarah BatsanisReservior
I tried 2 sessions of hypnosis to quit my 18yr smoking habit, and felt like a failure because it didn't completely work. I was left anxious, angry, and sad. I had remembered that EFT could help with addictions and childhood memories. In just 1 session with Russell I no longer have the urge to smoke, and finally know and feel like a non-smoker. I have not had a cigarette for 6mths now and have no intention of lighting up ever again.Thankyou Russell You will always have a special place in my heart.
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner Melbourne
I came to see Russell about abusive relationship issues. Imagine my surprise when the shoulder pain that had kept me out of work for 2 years was gone within 30 minutes. I cancelled the surgery I had booked and haven’t looked back
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneMat Dickson
Mat Dickson , Melbourne
Russell is a true master. His work will change your life! Thanks for all your help mate.
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneSikaal Vrenssen
Russell grounds deep knowledge of NLP, EFT and many other modalities into wisdom, which he uses with his gentle nature to transforms lives.
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneKatherine Parkinson
Business Owner, Melbourne
After years of conventional counselling to help cope with the trauma of sexual abuse as a child, … I went in search of something that would bring peace into my life. EFT has done that for me. The emotional blockages associated with sexual abuse have gone! I have discovered a sense of self and now have peace and joy in my life
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneTami Maree
I have had three sessions with Russell over the course of six months and I am so grateful for every one of them… The weight is falling off and I just feel that is a consequence of my new found happiness. I am not happier because I am losing weight. I am happy because of the blockages that Russell and I unblocked and losing weight is just a great side effect from that.
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneGeorge Watts
Cancer Patient, Melbourne
Since our session 3 days ago I've stopped taking morphine and been completely pain free.... I've had the best nights sleep in as long as I can remember"
EFT Training Workshops Melbourne, EFT Practitioner MelbourneTrish Cook
Since discovering EFT and starting to work with Russell a couple of months ago, my life has changed significantly. Russell is a very skilled EFT practitioner - I'm always amazed after a session with him on the issues that come up and are cleared.

As a result of my sessions with Russell I've finally found the sense of feeling centred I've been looking for, I felt much happier and more 'well'. My dependence on food to help me feel better has decreased, I'm less anxious, and my motivation and energy for my business has increased. And I'm thrilled I've found EFT as a tool for helping me to live a life I really love.

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