EFT For Easy Birth

EFT For Easy Birth

I am convinced that our beliefs and emotions have a powerful influence on conception pregnancy and birth. There is so much you can do with EFT for pregnancy and birth.

One woman who attended our EFT workshops had 2 clients with fertility problems  both of whom had spent a small fortune in IVF without success. After she did EFT with them both conceived naturally and now have healthy children.

My wife Verena was 46 when our daughter Grace was born. At about 35 weeks we were told that Verena would have to have a C-section because our baby was breech and Verena was over 40! Verena said “No way, I’m going to have an easy natural birth.

You see in her 20’s Verena spent some time in Africa and had seen the natural, relaxed almost casual way that the native women viewed birth. Verena saw one heavily pregnant woman walk out into the bush and return about 30 minutes later with her new baby in one arm and a bunch of firewood on her shoulder!  You wouldn’t walk past some good firewood without picking it up would you?

So one afternoon at about 37 weeks while we were resting I felt our baby’s position (We didn’t know whether we were going to have a daughter or son because Verena doesn’t believe in ultrasounds) and began to gently stroke and rock her until she was presenting correctly.

A few weeks later we headed to the birth centre with contractions 3 minutes apart but after a couple of hours the contraction stopped so we returned home. So we decided to see a friend who was an experienced intuitive NLP Master (This was before we knew about EFT)

It seemed that it was my fear of being a parent again that was the problem. Not surprising with my history of my parents’ divorce and the challenges with access to my older son and daughter from previous marriages.  We resolved those issues using Timeline therapy and some other NLP processes until we were totally at peace.

Then one evening Verena’s’ waters broke. We arrived at the birth centre at about midnight and Grace was born one hour and twenty minutes later. We were at home for lunch that day.

When doing EFT for birth is ideal to start early, even before conception if possible. Thoroughly apply EFT to all the fears around pregnancy, birth, fears of being a good parent, the lifestyle and financial changes, how other siblings will accept the new baby etc. REMEMBER to tap with dad about his concerns as well.

When you think you’ve tapped it all, be sure to ask “What is the worst thing that could happen?….. What else?….” and so on. Tap on those issues including fears of birth defects, death, brain damage to the baby, medical interventions etc.

Also be sure to tap on any issues from the parents’ birth and early childhood. Especially check if mum or one of her siblings had a difficult birth or neonatal issues. Tap on fear of post natal depression and so on. These are important to resolve before you are in labour!

With all these issues resolved you will have a lower risk of the need for interventions, and if things don’t go exactly to plan you will be in a more resourceful state to deal with whatever comes up.

I haven’t yet done EFT while someone is in labour but if the results we have had with other physical pain issues are anything to go by it will be great.

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