Imagine Tapping

Imagine Tapping

Hi Friends,

I’ve had a couple of people ask me off-channel about “Imagine Tapping.” We cover it in our EFT Level 2 workshop. Imagine tapping is easy to do anywhere, anytime. You simply IMAGINE that you are tapping. That’s right, you don’t need actually to tap.

If you are lying in bed wishing that you were asleep. Just use the exact same protocol as if you were actually tapping, except that you are not moving. Just imagine that you are tapping and imagine saying the same set-up and reminder phrases that you would normally use.

Like “Even though I can’t get to sleep, I deeply and completely accept myself” or “Even though I can’t stop these thoughts…..” “Even though I’m worried that I won’t get enough sleep…..” and so on.

Once the main aspects are clear I recommend tapping in some positive affirmations or Choices. (If you are still awake by this time)”

“I choose to relax into a peaceful sleep” Or one of Louise Hay’s affirmations like “I lovingly release the day and slip into a peaceful sleep. Knowing that tomorrow will take care of Itself.”

In most cases imagining that you are tapping works just as well as actually tapping.

I also use the other variation of imagine tapping when I’m in public, and I see people arguing, children crying etc. In these cases, I imagine that I am tapping on the crying child or parent of the child or both at the same time. If it’s a situation that triggers me, I imagine tapping on myself and the subject.

I remember Gary Craig talking about being on a flight and noticing another passenger who was visibly distressed. When Garry imagined that he was tapping for the other passenger, his anxiety seemed to fade.

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